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Zimax Racing Works RX-7 Demo Car                     £SOLD

* Zimax Racing Works 1995 Mazda RX-7 Demo Car

* 79,500km (50,000 Miles)

* Fully serviced and ready to go

* Health checked and Mapped for UK Fuel by Jaydee and Stu at Rotor-torque March 2021

* Fully UK Registered

Here at Shah Motorsports we are proud to have this one off highly modified RX-7 built by Zimax Racing Works, A top end rotary tuning shop established since 1993 based in Tokyo Japan.
Built as their demo car for circuit/track use, as you can imagine absolutely no expense has been spared in creating this special RX-7, 
with a catalogue of RE-Amemiya parts to top quality Zimax custom in house production and fabrication the end product is something really special!

As you can see from the massive spec list below the quality and lengths that Zimax put into their engine builds are second to none with their super responsive Spec-III Side Porting build being usedin this case.

The meticulous process of giving major engine parts WPC treatment to reduce surface friction and permanently strengthen key components through thermal discharge such as the 2 piece Apex seals and eccentric shaft.
On top of the WPC treatment the eccentric shaft and 2 Rotors have had dynamic balancing and Rotor weight adjustment.

Along with the Side-Porting additional work has been carried out to the 13B such as Port stepped correction, Port Polishing and Rotor land processing, all culminating in a highly responsive 13B engine!

This level of work doesn't stop at just the engine, Zimax also carried their high end workmanship to create an array of customs parts from the Titanium Exhaust System, catch-tank, V-mount set up with custom ducting to make sure
the air channelled to the radiator and intercooler.

Producing a estimated 450-480ps with a Trusty TRust TD07-25G Turbo at 1.0bar of boost, along side the OS Giken 1-5 gearbox and OS Giken Super Lock 1.5-way LSD creates a responsive and planted driving experience.


To match the extensive quality of the engine build the chassis and suspension have not been over looked!
Fitted with exclusive PCR Coilovers with Bestex springs these are a custom made to order coilover specially designed for track use.

with full Auto EXE bracing from top to the under carriage, 6 point bolt-in roll cage and full pillow ball bushing with Zimax traction and tension rods this RX-7 is a very balanced and focused car that is perfectly capable of putting in some serious sessions on the track in the right hands.


Along with the extensive engine and chassis spec the exterior has been re-worked with full genuine RE-Amemiya AD-GT kit from front to the rear this RX-7 is nothing short of stunning!
The already stunning looks from the AD-GT Kit is complimented with rare RE-Amemiya full Carbon accents that not only add the classic aggressive look but add functionality via the various diffusers and canards.


This Zimax Racing FD3S RX-7 Demo car is the complete package with absolutely nothing overlooked in the production of this car from Engine, Chassis/Suspension, Drive-train and Exterior!


Compression Results:

   -Front Chamber 7.2-7.2-7.4

   -Rear Chamber  7.2-7.1-6.8


Zimax Racing Spec-III Side Port 13B Engine:
     -Side Port Processing
     -Port Stepped Correction
     -Port Polishing
     -Rotar Land Processing
     -Apex Seal WPC Treatment
     -3mm 2 Piece Apex Seal
     -Solid Type Corner Seal
     -Eccentric Shaft WPC Treatment
     -Rotor Weight Adjustment
     -Dynamic Balancing
     -Big Bore Throttle Processing

Trust Greddy TD07-25G Turbo
Trust Greddy 50mm Wastegate
Trust Greddy Manifold
Trust Greddy Downpipe
Trust Greddy Airinx Air Filter
Zimax Racing Titanium Exhaust System
Blue Idler Pully Kit (Air Pump Removed)
Trust Greddy Intake Pipe
Trust Greddy Blow-off Valve
Trust Greddy Hard Pipe Kit
Trust Greddy V-Mount Intercooler
Zimax Racing V-Mount 3-Layer Aluminium Radiator
Zimax Racing Custom made Aluminium Intercooler/Radiator V-Mount Ducting
HKS AST Delete Coolant Expansion Tank
Zimax Racing oil Catch Tank
2 x Setrab Oil Coolers
B & M Ignition Amplifier 

4 x 850cc Injectors
Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator
Nismo In-Tank Fuel Pump
Sard Fuel Swirl Pot with in tank Collector Fuel Pump

OS Giken 1-5 Gear set
ORC Twin Plate Clutch
RE-Amemiya Short Shifter
OS Giken 1.5-Way Super Lock LSD
Braided clutch Line

Auto EXE Front Upper Brace (Strut Towers to Firewall)
Auto EXE Front Lower Brace 
Auto EXE Rear Upper Brace
Auto EXE Rear Lower Brace (Chassis to Sub-frame)
6-Point through Dash Roll Cage
Full Pillow Ball Bushing
Zimax Racing Traction Rod
Traction Rod Pillow Bush
Zimax Racing Rear Upper Arm
Zimax Racing Front Tension Rod
RE-Amemiya Anti-Roll Bar Stabiliser Bridge Bar
PCR Coilovers(Bestex Springs) only made to order!


Rays Gram Lights 57 Optimise 17x9.5 ET22
Yokohama Advan AD08-R 255/40/17(New)
Type RS Calipers (Overhauled)
Project Mu 2 Piece Front Discs
Project Mu 2 Piece Rear Discs
PFC Carbon Metallic Front Brake Pads
Stop-tech Rear Brake Pads


Apexi Power FC
Apexi Power FC Hand Controller
Blitz Dual-SBC Boost Controller
Divot Digital Speed Meter-V
Mazda Speed 300km/h Speedometer
Defi Multi Link Controller
Defi Boost Gauge
Defi Exhuast Temperature Gauge
Defi Oil Pressure Gauge
Defi Oil Temperature Gauge
Defi Water Temperature Gauge
Battery Re-Located to Boot
Custom Battery Aluminium Cover/Tray
Battery Kill Switch


RE-Amemiya AD-9 Carbon Bonnet
RE-Amemiya Carbon Bonnet Under Tray
RE-Amemiya AD-GT Front Bumper
RE-Amemiya AD-GT Front Fenders
RE-Amemiya AD-GT Side Skirts
RE-Amemiya AD-GT Rear Fenders
RE-Amemiya Carbon GT Spoiler
RE-Amemiya AD-GT Front Bumper Carbon Diffuser
RE-Amemiya AD-GT Carbon Front Bumper Canards
RE-Amemiya Carbon Front Fender Diffuser
RE-Amemiya Carbon Side Skirt Extension
RE-Amemiya AD-GT Carbon Rear Super Canards
RE-Amemiya Rear Carbon Diffuser
RE-Amemiya Sleek Headlights w/ Intake Duct
RE-Amemiya DuckTail Rear Light Cover
Carbon Exhaust Guard
Craft Square Carbon Wing Mirrors
Late Model Carbon Front Bumper Lights
Front Tow Hook
Rear Tow Hook
Bonnet Aero Catches
Bride Drivers Bucket Seat
Takata Driver 4-Point Harness
Vertex Steering Wheel
RE-Amemiya 3 Gauge Dash Panel
R-Magic Apexi Power FC Hand Controller Holder
Carbon 2 Gauge Pod Holder
RE-Amemiya Shift Knob






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