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Welcome to Shah Motorsports.


We specialise in Importing performance Japanese cars, with a high standard of quality and performance, from Street/Track/Drag and Drift cars.


Each car imported by us has been inspected and sourced by our partners in Japan that have a collective experience of over 10 years expertise in the market.


Unlike other pop up sellers we do not buy blind and all cars are thoroughly inspected by our partners in Japan before and after purchase, so you can be rest assured that when you buy from us that the car has been thoroughly checked to meet our quality of expectation.


We have always been very passionate about cars and in particular JDM vehicles. 

This passion and love for cars is what drives us to hand pick the best selection of cars.

We only import cars that we would personally drive.


Upon arrival to the UK every car is inspected by us also fully Serviced and UK registered and road legal, ready for our customers to drive away.


We are based in the South East of the UK.



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