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Racing Service Feast Demo Drag Supra 850ps Spec                  £SOLD

• 03/1996 Toyota Supra RZ

• Racing Service Feast 850ps Drag Demo Car

• Factory Manual 6 speed

• 88,000km (approx. 54,000miles)

• No Accident history

• U.S.A Import legal (25 years old)

• Worldwide shipping/storage service available

Here at Shah Motorsports we are delighted to present to you this amazing nostalgic late 90s/Early 2000s era Supra built and owned by a well known and old school tuner Racing Service FEAST.

RS-Feast a proven tuning shop established in 1991 in Japans Southern Ehime Prefecture, quickly establishing themselves as a very competitive tuning shop through out the 90s to the 2000s, with various customers cars being featured in numerous Option Videos.

Their very own Drag R33 GTR ran a time of 8.7 seconds quarter mile back in 1999 at the Sendai Highlands.

Amazingly this Supra was bought brand new from Toyota in 1996 by RS-Feast and they wasted no time in putting their mark on the car, Painting the whole car inside and out in their custom stunning blue paint, with their iconic FEAST Decals and pushing the stock engine to 715ps.

This Supra made its first appearance back 1996 which was featured in Option Video 0-300km/and the "Test of T88" at Yatabe circut which involved top tuners such RS-Feast/Top Secret/Endless-R/Phoenix Power/Top Fuel/Garage Yawata/Jun/Tex Modify just to name a few that all considered to be heavy weights on the drag racing and tuning scene!
The purpose was to gather data and testing The mighty T88 turbo acceleration.
RS-Feast came in at 715ps at 1.7 bar on a stock engine which for 1996 was very impressive! Its 0-300km time of 31.48s was not best due spinning up in the first 3 gears with traction issues whilst mainly competing against the R32 and R33 GTR 4wd platform, most of them were between 650bhp to 85b0hp.

All the cars were piloted by the legendary Daijiro Inada, who later went on to do the famous top speed runs in the Veilside R34 GTR and the Blitz R34 GTR!

Shortly after this RS-Feast would look to improve on the Supra platform and get the Supra prepped for more power to compete in Japans highly competitive Drag Tournaments.
The late 90s and early 2000s are considered to be the best era of the Japanese tuning scene, so many shops and tuners were pushing the boundaries of what was thought capable at the time.

Now with a full tune RS-Feast Engine replacing the stock engine, power was now upped to 850ps at a whopping 2.3bar on a T88-34D using race fuel, along with its new Engine set up RS-Feast looked to make the Supra stand out using a combination of Top Secret/Veilside/Greddy exterior parts with the ever classic Desmond Regemaster Wheels!

Competing through-out the Drag Tournaments of the early 2000's the Feast Supra would manage a best time of 10.6 seconds again considering the time and era this was still impressive bearing in mind during this time similar powered Skyline GTRs were running times in the 9s with a 4wd platform.

With its Stunning looks and incredible engine package the RS-Feast Drag Supra was featured in the 2002 vol.70 Hyper Rev Supra Edition 3 Magazine that focused on the top Supra Demo cars of the most prominent Tuners/Shops at the time.

Unlike a lot of demo cars from the late 90s/ Early 2000 era this car hasn't been abandoned or left to rot like soo many classics which is unfortunately very common, this Supra has an amazing history and heritage, built in a time and era of Japans Tuning scene that churned out relentless powerhouse machines that pushed the limits of tuning.

Its Great to see that it has retained its iconic looks and engine set up, meticulously looked after since new(1996) by RS-Feast for the last 25 years! This Supra really looks stunning and has been kept in fantastic condition. kept inside their lovely showroom dry stored away from the elements and also used on a regular basis by RS-Feast Boss Seiki Hiraoka-san.

Considering how highly tuned this Supra is its a real pleasure to drive on the roads and cruises smoothly, starting on the button every time!

We are truly honoured to have such an amazing piece of Japanese tuner history in our stock.



HKS 87mm Forged Pistons
HKS Forged Connecting Rods
HKS 272 Intake Camshafts
HKS 272 Exhaust Camshafts
HKS Fuel Pressure Regulator
HKS 1.2mm Headgasket
Reinforced Valve Springs
Head Ported and Polishing
Oversized Valves 
Injectors -550cc x 6
          -440cc x 6
Secondary Fuel Rail for additional Injectors
GTR Fuel Pumps x 2
Trust T88 34D 22cm Turbo
Trust Exhaust Manifold 
Trust External Wastegate 60mm
Trust Drag Front Mount Intercooler
Trust Downpipe
Trust Air Filter
Trust Coolant Overflow Tank
Trust 16 row Oil Cooler
Trust Oil Catch Tank
Trust Oil Filler Cap
Koyo Aluminium Radiator
4inch RS-Feast Custom Titanium Exhuast System

Factory 6 Speed Getrag Gearbox
OS Giken Triple Plate Clutch
ATS 2-way LSD 
Final Drive Changed

F50 Brembo Front Calipers 
Brembo Rear Calipers 
Front 2 Piece Floating 350mm Discs 
Rear 2 Piece Floating 330mm Discs 
Blitz ZZ-R Coilovers 
6 Point Dash Dodger Roll-cage

Desmond Regemaster Wheels:
       -Front 18 x 9.5 et45
       -Rear 18 x 10.5 et45

Toyo Proxies R888Rs Tyres (New):
       -Fronts 255/35/18
       -Rear 275/35/18

Top Secret Front Bumper
OEM Style Lightweight FRP Bonnet
Veilside Side Skirts
Veilside Rear Spats
Greddy Performance Sleeker Rear Spoiler
Ganador Wing Mirrors(Electric)
Top Secret Carbon Rear Diffuser

Recaro SPG Drivers Bucket Seat
Recaro SPG Passenger Bucket Seat
Momo Racing Steering Wheel
HKS Electronics Integrated Gauge Holder
Veilside Shift Knob

Apexi Power FC ECU
Greddy Oil Pressure gauge
Greddy Oil Temperature Gauge
Greddy Water Temperature Gauge
Greddy Exhuast Temperature Gauge
Greddy Boost Controller (w/ Boost scramble button)
Defi Boost Gauge
Defi Link Controller
RPM Shift Light
HKS Additional Injector Controller
Line Lock Switch
(Heater/Heater Controls Removed)



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