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Titan Motorsports 3.4L 1050WHP RZ Supra                                  £76,995.00

*1993 RZ Supra Factory 6 Speed Manual

*198,XXXkms - 123k-124k Miles

*Full 1050WHP 3.4L Engine Build completed late 2023/Early2024 

*Fully UK Registered and Road Ready

*US Legal

Here at Shah Motorsports we are excited to offer this amazingly spec'd and built 1050whp weapon street Supra!
Originally imported by us in 2021 from Japan, this Supra was the perfect base for us to get our hands stuck into a crazy build.

Speaking to Darren of Magnum Performance we looked into a complete short block from Titan Motorsports from the US, we opted for the 3.4L short block that utilised a brand new Toyota 2JZ-GTE Block with a 94mm billet Eagle Crank/JE, Titan Pistons and Carillo Rods with ARP rod Bolts and Titan Billet Main Caps that will allow this set up to hit them big numbers on the Dyno!

Darren at Magnum Performance also did a great Job Spec'ing the head, Using Brian Crower 272 Cams with +1mm oversized Ferrea Comp Intake/Exhaust Valves, Supertech Dual valve springs and retainers.
This vital head work coupled with the Titan 3.4L Stroker allows for the mighty Precision Gen 2 7675 Turbo to flow and make power effortlessly and Rev to 8.2K RPM!

With Darren at Magnum Performance working hes magic in building and assembling the engine we then looked to trusted Supra and 2JZ specialists SRD Tuning to finalise the Fueling and Tuning aspect of the build.

SRD Tuning suggested for our power goals that a Power-house Racing Triple Fuel Pump Hanger with 3x Walbro 485 Fuel Pumps would work best with ASNU 1500cc Injectors.
Moving to the ECU Link G4X was the obvious choice due its versatility and accessibility, SRD Tuning have used additional Can Lambda, Oil Pressure and Fuel Pressure/Coolant sensors for setting up engine safety in the worse case scenario.

Using the Syvecs Flex Fuel Sensor this has allowed flexibility in many driving scenarios whether you have access to Pump fuel or E85 not needing to empty the tank the ECU will automatically adjust boost and power based on Fuel Mixture the Flex Fuel sensor reads. The optimal percentage of E85 is 60-75% at this Mixture the car will make 1050WHP!

The new owner only has to make a few tweaks if they wish to push for more power such as additional secondary injectors staged so you maintain driveability on the road but capable of 1200+ Wheel!!

All finalising was carried out in March of 2024 by SRD Tuning including full check over and fast road geometry set up.

SRD Tuning did an amazing Job in making power on this set up a serious Beast on both 99 Ron Pump Fuel and E85 Fuel!
Pump Fuel 1.6Bar 756WHP Roughly (830HP) at a conservative 10% Calculation

E85 Tune 2.2Bar 1050WHP Roughly (1155HP) at a conservative 10% Calculation

2JZ-GTE Titan Motorsports 3.4L Stroker Complete Short Block Imported from United States
New OEM Toyota 2JZ-GTE Short Block used by Titan Motorsports
3.4L 94mm 4340 Billet Eagle Crankshaft
Titan/JE Pistons
Carrilo HD Connecting Rods
ARP 625+ Connecting Rod Bolts
Upgraded Wrist Pins
ACL Main Bearings
ACL Rod Bearings
ACL Thrust Washer
Titan Billet Main Caps
Titan crank Pulley damper
ARP Crank Bolts
Toyota OEM Oil Pump New
Titan Motorsports Oil Drive Gear
Oil Squirters Deleted/Removed
Power House Racing Billet Cambelt Tensioner
ARP 625+ Head Studs
Tomei 1.8mm Head Gasket
Brian Crower 272 Intake & Exhaust Camshafts
HKS Adjustable Cam Gears
Supertech Dual Valve Springs
Supertech Valve Spring Retainers
Supertech Valve Stem Seals
Ferrea Competition +1mm Intake Stainless Valves
Ferrea Competition +1mm Exhaust Stainless Valves
Ferrea Competition Valve Locks
Ferrea Bronze Valve Guides
Toyota Bucket Shims
Billet Intake Manifold
Billet Fuel Rail
100mm Throttle Body
IGN1A Smart Coil-Packs
Magnicore Ignition Leads
Oil Catch Tank W/Breather
Setrab Oil Cooler
Radium Valve Cover Fittings
Koyo Aluminium Radiator
Aluminium Coolant Hose
Aluminium Coolant Overflow Tank
Carbon Cooling Panel
Precision Gen II 7675 Turbo
4" Downpipe
HKS 4" Racing Exhaust
Greddy Exhaust Manifold
Greddy 60mm External Wastegate
Greddy 100mm Intercooler
Tial Blow Off Valve
Turbo Smart Turbo Oil Pressure Regulator
Funk Motorsports Turbo Blanket
4" Carbon Turbo Intake Pipe
Hurricane 4" Air Filter

Link G4X ECU
Link 4-Bar Map Sensor
Link Can Lambda Wideband O2 Sensor (engine safety set)
Link Oil Pressure Sensor (engine safety set)
Link Fuel Pressure Sensor (engine safety set)
Map Setting Switch/Dial (Located in Arm Rest)
Rolling Anti-Lag Set Up
Bosch Knock Sensor
AutoGauge Boost Gauge
AutoGauge Oil Temperature Gauge
AutoGauge Coolant Temperature Gauge
Blitz 320km Speedometer
TRD 10K RPM Facia

Syvecs Flex Fuel Sensor
Power House Racing In-Tank Triple Fuel Pump Hanger
Walbro 485PL x3 Fuel Pumps
ASNU 1500cc Injectors
SRD AN8 Feed Line with AN6 Return Line
Billet High Flow Filter and Billet Y Piece
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

Original Manual 6 Speed v160 (Oil Change by Magnum Performance 2023)
OS Giken Triple Plate Clutch
ATS 2-Way LSD (Oil Change by Magnum Performance 2023)
Solid Differential Bushes

Volk Rays G-Games 77-Reboot 18 x 9.5J ET32
Nankang AR-1 255/35/17 Fronts
Nankang AR-1 275/35/18 Rears
HKS Hyper-Max 4 Coilovers
Top Secret Bonnet
TRD Style Carbon Wing
Aftermarket Front Splitter
Personal Neo Grinta Suede W/ Red Stitching Steering Wheel



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