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Garage Mak S15 Demo Car                             £SOLD

1999 Nissan Silvia S15

*Non Accident Car
*Main Feature Car in Banzai June 2017 Issue
*Fully UK Registered Ready to Go!



Here at Shah Motorsports we are really proud and excited to be able to bring to you another high spec S15 this time built by the world renowned Garage Mak!

Garage Mak have built up their reputation in Japan and around the world with their uniquely aggressive kits, extensive tuning and builds from 180sx's to R35 GTR's, with their main emphasis focusing on track set ups.

This particular S15 was used as their demo car in Japan to show off the Garage Mak Version Type 5 Kit. This being their demo car as you can imagine no expense was spared!

The engine has been bored out to 2.1L using top parts from Tomei. These include Tomei 87mm oversized pistons and Tomei Connecting Rods.  To get the best out of the engine set up Garage Mak have gone with a HKS 3037s GT Pro turbo! Peaking at 1.6 bar this car really does pin you to the back of the seat, super responsive and pulling strong throughout the whole rev range this car is a beast. 

As well as being a monster on the road this car can be driven around on the streets with no problems. The Nismo Super Copper mix clutch allowing for friendly road driving with the capability of holding the power with out being snappy and jerky. If your feeling brave enough you have the option to hit the NOS switch for added power!

Garage Mak have really hit the nail on the head with the styling using the Version Type 5 Kit. While being unique and aggressive, this car is absolutely stunning inside and out. The engine bay has been given the full treatment fully sprayed inside the bay and fully tucked and cleaned, using Highly polished hard pipes and carbon the engine bay is a work of art!

Cars like this s15 are becoming increasingly hard to find and get hold of in Japan. The majority of S15's are either rusty or used as battered drift missiles so it is refreshing to see that this S15 built by Garage Mak has been maintained to a high standard since being built and kept in immaculate condition from the underside to the engine bay.

Featured in countless Magazines in Japan, it is also the main feature car in Banzai magazine's June 2017 issue this car is really special.


SR20DET 2.1L
Fully Tucked and Cleaned Engine Bay by Garage Mak
Tomei Pistons 87mm 
Tomei Connecting Rods
HKS GT3037s PRO Turbo
HKS Manifold
Tomei Metal Head Gasket
Custom Exhaust System
Greddy Intake Manifold
Greddy Fuel rail
Sard 800cc Injectors
Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator 
Uprated Fuel Pump
NOS Injection kit
Step 2 Camshafts
Strengthened Valve Springs and Retainers
Rocker Arm Stoppers
Grex Oil Filter Relocation Kit
Greddy Intercooler
Custom Carbon Cooling Plate
Garage Mak Carbon Intake Pipe
HKS Air Filter
5 Speed Gearbox
Nismo Super Coppermix Clutch
Nismo Flywheel
Nismo 2-Way LSD
ORC Power Steering Resovior Tank
Greddy Coolant Expansion Tank
32 Row Oil Cooler
ABS Removed

Work Emotion CR KAI 17x9
Greddy Coilovers
Greddy Electronic Dampering Controller Unit
Front Upper Strut Brace
Modded Knuckles (Increased Turning Angle)

Bride Drivers Side Bucket Seat
Blitz HPI Driver Harness
Orido Style Nardi Steering Wheel
Nismo Clocks
Garage Mak Front Version Type 5 Fenders
Garage Mak Rear Version Type 5 Fenders
Garage Mak Version Type 5 Sideskirts
Garage Mak Version Type 5 Front Bumper
Garage Mak Version Type 5 Carbon Canards
Garage Mak Version Type 5 Rear Bumper
Garage Mak Carbon Bonnet 
Garage Mak Carbon Boot
Garage Mak Version Type 5 Sideskirts 
Garage Mak Carbon Spoiler
Ganador Wing Mirrors
Custom Red Painted Headlights

Engine Push Start Button
Blitz Power Graph Unit
Apexi Power FC ECU
Apexi Commander 
Defi Controller Unit
Defi Gauges:
  Boost Gauge
  Water Temperature Gauge
  Oil Temperature Gauge
  Oil Pressure Gauge
NCS NOS Controller Unit
Greddy Profec-B Boost Controller


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