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2002 Mazda RX-7 Type -R                                £SOLD

* 124,000km (77,000 Miles)

* Fully serviced and ready to go


* Comprehensive Service History


* Maintenance Carried out by AS-Auto Japan  


* Fully Health checked/Serviced and Map checked by Jaydee and Stu at Rotortorque.


* Full AD-GT RE-Amemiya Kit


* Late Model


* Fully UK Registered


Documented Service Intervals:

Here at Shah Motorsports we have a lovely street spec'd RX-7 available, fitted with the stunning full RE-Amemiya GT-AD Kit.
Very rare to see a nice RX-7 that has been kept simple whilst being tastefully Modified.

With its comprehensive service history it really translates to how amazingly the car drives proving once again why the RX-7 is considered
one of the best cars to come from Japan out the box!
Still retaining its lovely stock interior its refreshing to jump in a RX-7 that hasn't been stripped out with bucket seats making this a perfect street car to jump in and drive!
Always Starting on the button hot or cold and pulling strongly through out the rev range with the factory sequential turbos showing that it still has what it takes even by today's standard.

Fully health checked, serviced, and mapped checked by Stu and Jaydee over at Rotor Torque giving this RX-7 their seal of approval. 

RE-Amemiya Full Exhaust System
HPI Front Mount Intercooler
HPI Intercooler Hard Pipe 
HPI Turbo Hard Pipe
Greddy Idler Pully Kit(Air Pump Removed)
Greddy Intake Pipe
Sard Coolant Expansion Tank
Air Max Pod Filters
RE-Amemiya Short Shifter
Apexi Power FC ECU

HKS Coilovers
Mazda Speed Front Upper Strut Bar
265/35/18 Avon ZZ5 Tyres
Enkei GTC01 18x9
RE-Amemiya Rear Diffuser 
RE-Amemiya Vortex Generators

RE-Amemiya Facer GT Front Bumper
RE-Amemiya GT-AD Front Fenders
RE-Amemiya GT-AD Side Skirts
RE-Amemiya GT-AD Rear Over Fenders
RE-Amemiya AD9 Bonnet
RE-Amemiya Wing Mirrors
RE-Amemiya Sleek Headlights
RE-Amemiya GT Carbon Wing

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