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1997 Nissan Silvia Kouki S14a Tomei 2.2L                                £SOLD

Just in from Japan we have this massive Spec'd S14a, Running a Tomei 2.2L Stroker kit and a Greddy TD06-20G Turbo putting down solid 450PS!
With its agressive stlying and upgraded engine and chassis package this car is a animal on the road with boost peaking at 1.6 bar.
A Very Unique and one off S14, Thats is very clean for its age with no nasty knocks dents or scrathes, unlike alot of rotten examples that are on the road.



Chassis Mileage: 131KM (80-81k Miles)


Price includes full UK Registration ready to drive on road





Tomei 2.2 liter stroker kit

Tomei forged pistons 86.5mm

Tomei forged H beam con rods

Tomei forged counter crank

Greddy Cams

Greddy TD06 20G Turbo

Greddy Top mount Manifold

Greddy External waste gate and screamer

Greddy Downpipe

Greddy Intake manifold

Greddy Inteercooler

Tomei Expreme Titanium Exhaust


Mocal Oil cooler

Oil filter relocation kit

Oil catch tank

1.2mm Metal Headgasket

Strengthened Valve springs

Tomei rocker arm stoppers

Sard 850CC injectors

GTR Fuel pump

Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator

Splitfire coilpacks

Greddy Auxiliary pulleys

Samco Radiator Hoses

Blitz Air Cleaner



ORC twin plate clutch

After market 2-way Diff

4.1 Final drive

Possible OS Giken gearset 



Racing Gear Coilovers

Cusco Front Upper Strut Bar

KTS Rear Upper Arms

KTS rear Toe Arms

Ikeya Formula Tie Rods

Modded front Lower arms

Modded Knuckles (Increased Turning Angle)

Pilo Tension Rods

APP Braided Brake Lines

Front and Rear Wheels Spacers

R32 Front Brake Calipers

R32 Rear Brake Calipers

Drift Handbake Button

Cusco Full Roll Cage

TE37 SL 18x10.5 ET 15




Greddy Profec B Boost Controller

PLX Air/Fuel(Wideband) Meter

Billion VFC Fan Controller

Defi Link Controller Unit

Defi Water Temperature Gauge

Defi Oil Temperature Gauge

Defi Turbo Gauge

Defi Oil Pressure Gauge

Defi Exhaust Temperature Gauge

Greddy Fuel Pressure Gauge



Yashio Factory Front Bumper

Aero Bonnet Catches

Front Aliminium Undertray

Wise Square Wider Front Fenders

Wise Sqaure Wide Rear Arch Kit

Origin Carbon Bonnet

Kazama Auto Side Skirts

URAS GT Rear Bumper

Ganador Wing Mirrors

URAS Headlights

LED Tail Lights

Driver and Passenger Bride Bucket Seats

Nardi Steering Wheel

Snap off Steering Wheel Boss

Tomei GearKnob


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