2002 Honda Civic EP3 Type-R                           £9,250.00

2002 Honda Civic Type-R JDM Spec

* Fresh Import

* Grade 4

* 129-130k KMs (80K Miles)

* Championship White (Only available for JDM EP3's)

* LSD Gearbox

* JDM K20A Engine (215ps)

* Recaro Seats and Red Floor Mats

* Japanese Service History (Not full)

Here at Shah Motorsports we are proud to bring you a lovely JDM Model Honda Civic EP3 Type-R in Championship White just in from Japan.
The Japanese Domestic Market specific EP3 Type-R have some considerable differences that set them apart from their European counterparts.
The JDM EP3 Civic Type-R comes equipped with the more powerful K20A engine from the DC5 Integra Type-R and Gearbox wich means that the JDM EP3 has shorter 4th-6th gear ratios, Shorter final drive
and Limited Slip Differential.
Also specific to the JDM EP3 are the Red Recaro seats and Red Upholstery, considering these changes makes the JDM model very sought after.
It is a extremely clean car overall, becoming a rarity to find Honda Civic Type-R's that haven't been abused or subjected to bad maintenance.







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